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Quid Pro Quo (Latin: "something for something") A more-or-less equal exchange or substitution of goods or services. Similarly, "a favour for a favour", "like for like" or "tit for tat".

How does that apply to me?

Well, you may already have an online account at but perhaps your friends do not. Note, if you don’t already have an online account with us, you can sign-up for one here.

If you told your friends about us, and they opened an online account with us, it would be very rude of us not to say ‘thanks’ to both of you wouldn’t it?

Yes. So?

When anyone opens an online account, one question we always ask is ‘Did anyone recommend us to you?’ If so, we ask them to enter the email address of that person.

Then What?

We say ‘thanks’.

We’ll also put 20 points on both your account and your friends account immediately. Then you’ll both get a further 180 points as soon as your friend makes their first purchase online.

So, we think that represents Quid Pro Quo. If you're happy with our service and you often recommend it to friends, be sure to tell them of the advantages to both of you if they let us know your email address when they sign-up.

If we can’t give you both a ‘couple of quid’ for doing ‘something for something’ then we don’t deserve either of you as customers anyway.

OK, thank you!

No, thank you!

Also, if you’re the kind of person who has friends far, far away - or if you like to communicate by email as well as casual conversation, then we’ve devised a simple way for you to spread the word.

Just fill in the details below, click ‘Send’ and we’ll send an email to your friends outlining our offer of a ‘favour for a favour’.

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Your Email Address:
Your Friend's Name:
Your Friend's Email Address:
Your Friend's Name:
Your Friend's Email Address:
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